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Our vision is to become a Global research and manufacturing company in electrical products at the best price. After emerging as the largest manufacturers of CFL and LED Lighting products in India, we further want to expand our reach in the global market and reach the same success as we achieved in India.
We work to delight our customers, both internal and external. Innovation being a key point in our company and we continuously work towards this goal. We continuously benchmark ourselves with other manufacturers throughout the world to adapt the best industry policies and reduce costs.

  • Our Core Values
  • Human resource is the core for our business and we place a lot of emphasis on the same.
  • We always remain very humble and deeply indebted to God irrespective of the heights we achieve.
  • We have utmost respect for the law and the environment, and the same is evident from our working.
  • Ethics have been a core value for our company and we keep away from unethical practices.
  • We strive to create a home away from home environment for our employees to increase economic outputs.