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Wire & Cables

In 2012, Aarna launched attractive Ceiling Fan models available in different Colors. At Aarna we realize that business is not just about profitability. We are taking steps to combat the environmental challenges of the 21st Century. Among these steps, Aarna provides an Energy Saver Ceiling Fan.Even in the Cables, electrolytic grade bright annealed copper is used which helps save energy.
At Aarna we are aware that our customers face immense competition. Our operation effectiveness affects our customers business performance directly obtained by provideing goods of exceptional quality and timely delivery. The compamny focuses largely on these factors. To achieve consistent bquality,each and every coil or our cables is tested to ensure the amount of copper use is as per the company standards. PVC Compound is a vital raw material to quality, the group manufacture its own PVC compound.
We have upgraded our organization as the time changed . We follow just-in-Time (J I T) technique eligiously when it comes to manufacturing. Aarna has also setting up a fully automated ceiling fan production plant.
Aarna has a dedicated team to ensure excellent quality of our products. Aarna products are available all over the country at a wide network of authorized dealers to cater the need of all customers segments in India as well as abroad.
Aarna cables are made to ensure complete safety with Aarnapeoducts you will always Stay With Power!